CURVE FILMMAKERS is a collective based in New York, made up of writers, directors, producers, cinematographers, actors and other filmmakers from various backgrounds who come together monthly to collaborate on projects and support each others' work.

The group serves as a resource for independent filmmakers to develop and produce their projects, providing a learning community and forum for members to exchange ideas and industry knowledge.

Curve is currently made up primarily of 40+ filmmakers in the first ten years of their careers, all who are looking for a team of like-minded and talented individuals to produce films with. Curve seeks out a diverse membership and likewise a diverse set of perspectives to develop a variety of films.  Our goal is that the group will grow together, continuously producing meaningful documentary and narrative projects as our collective talents develop.

If you're interested in becoming a member of Curve Filmmakers, please contact us at


Monthly Meetings: We meet monthly at a supportive establishment or member’s home. Meetings give members an opportunity to pitch their current projects, celebrate their successes and network with other filmmakers.  Each meeting also includes a group discussion about a filmic topic.

Master Classes: Members and special guests share their skills with the community in master classes with a wide variety of topics including editing, pitching and camera techniques.

Writers’ Groups: Weekly writing groups provide an opportunity for members to write together, share writing and offer critique to one another.

48 Hour Curve: A friendly competition of short scripts that can be completed in 48 hours…voting determines the winner whose script will be produced by the Curve collective in one weekend.

Curve Films: We aim to produce AT LEAST two short films or one feature per year with the collective effort of CURVE talent.

Curve Fest: A recurring variety show showcasing the work of Curve Filmmakers and friends of Curve Filmmakers